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January 19


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Was it too much to ask that you be allowed to sleep in?


Yes of course it was.

Fili and Kili flew through your door with the rising sun, slowing to creep up on your sleeping form before jumping on your bed and nearly tossing you out of it. You were used to their rude awakenings by now and after an initial cry of shock, groaned and pulled the blankets over your head, “Why is it that you two rise with the sun and with just as much fire?”

They happily flopped down next to you, one on either side, “Wake up lass, daylight’s awasting.”

You swiftly kicked both of them off the bed and tumbling to the floor, “Then shoo while I change and after we will find some more amusing way to fill its hours.”

You were met with wide grins as they scrambled away to let you get ready. You rolled out of bed, stretching your muscles before running a hand over your wound, it was already healing nicely thanks to Elrond. Finding some clean clothes nearby, you grinned, it would seem your host had noticed your feelings towards dresses.

You tugged off your dress in favor of the smooth fitted green tunic and soft grey pants, winding the three belts with leaf shaped clasps around your hips. You found your boots, clean and done up with new laces, sitting neatly nearby and slipped them on to your feet, tucking your pants into them before securing them around your calves.

You caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and your hand went to your hair, it was an absolute jumble from sleep and you tried to make it at least some what presentable, straining your wound slightly as you reached to straighten it. After undoing the braids Arwen had woven into it, you leaned your head to the side so that you could pull the long soft tresses into a loose braid that arched around the side of your neck, the best you could do to keep it out of the way but still have it look tended to.

Satisfied with your appearance, you ventured forth, sneaking up on a snickering Fili and Kili who had their backs turned to you- no doubt plotting something nefarious. With a smirk on your face, you rested a hand on either of their shoulders as you darkly exclaimed, “Never turn your back to a woman you’ve pried from sleep.”

They both nearly jumped out of their skins, reeling away from you as you doubled over with laughter. Kili recovered first, giving you a wicked grin, “Oh you will regret that lass.”

Your mirthful laugher filled the hall as you darted away from them, “You’ll have to catch me first... That is if you can find me.”

Once outside you gracefully swung yourself up to the roof before they could catch up to you, crouching quietly as they came through the door and skidded to a halt, looking all around for where you could have gone. It was tempting to spring from your place and startle them again but you didn’t, opting to let your disappearance keep them busy looking for you while you spent the morning in peace.

You watched with a smug little smile as they went gallivanting away in the direction they decided you must have gone, letting them get a safe distance before dropping back down to the floor… and nearly on top of Lord Elrond. Your eyes went wide when you looked up to find that you’d landed less then a foot in front of him and he was eyeing you curiously, quickly bowing and offering profuse apologies.

To your surprise he smiled, “Be still, my child, no harm done. May I ask why exactly you were on the roof in the first place?”

“You may. I was avoiding a certain pair of dwarvish princes who have deemed this a morning of play when I desired one of peace.” You admitted with a sheepish grin as you rubbed the back of your neck.

“Oh? I was under the impression you enjoyed the company of dwarves, particularly the two in question.”

You had moved to stand at a railing looking out over Imladris when he did, your face becoming slightly troubled, “You would not be wrong, My Lord. I am rather fond of those two, as well as the others.”

He glanced over at you for a moment before looking back out over his kingdom, “A peaceful morning you may desire but I sense that your thoughts trouble you.”

“And again you would not be wrong, My Lord. I am unsure about of my place among them now that my heritage has been revealed. I feel there are those that do not think me an ally any longer and as such that I am not suited to continue on with their company,” you admitted, looking down at your hands.

He raised an eyebrow, “I have noticed Thorin Oakenshield is not overly fond of elves of any kind.”

You just nodded, spying Fili and Kili a ways off, still looking for you, and then Elrond added, “I have also noticed that you are far from an average elf.”

You gave a soft melodic laugh, “I have heard it said, ‘Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.’ It would seem you are living up to the words, My Lord.”

He chuckled, “With our ancestor's blood running through your veins, do you not, to some extent, live up to them as well?”

“Oh most assuredly,” you said, giving him a mischievous smirk before looking out again in thought, “My Lord, may I speak freely with the promise you will not be offended by my words?”

He gave a slight nod and you opened your mouth only to close it again before coming up with the right words, “I felt your pain from the loss of your wife, of watching your sons grieve the loss of their mother, of your daughter slowly forgetting her face as the years pass by, of the loneliness you feel as you rule your kingdom without her by your side. It has a heavy hold on your heart, weighing you down and away from the joy around you. You mustn’t let it affect you so, please… let it heal.”

Looking up at him through your lashes, you saw that he was frowning deeply, “So it is true, you are a touch seer.”

“A gift and a curse that can come to those of my heritage,” you confirmed, fidgeting under his curious gaze.

He nodded thoughtfully looking back out at the scene in front of him, “Then you must understand that what you ask will not be an easy task.”

“The tasks worth undertaking never are, My Lord.”

“Wise words, My child.”

There was a period of silence and he looked back at you with a small smile, “Should you decide your place among the dwarves lost, you are welcome to stay here if you wish it.”

You startled, floundering slightly, “You would have me? Knowing what I am?”

“Imladris welcomes you despite and because of what you are.”

You looked out at the place again with a new sense of wonder, this could be your home, finally a place you would be welcomed instead of cast out, “You have given me a gift far greater then I believe you know in offering for me to call Rivendell home, Lord Elrond. It is something I have never been offered before. I shall think on it deeply.”

He nodded and then turned to leave, contemplating your words and your person much more seriously that he would ever show. You watched him go and then went to scare the wits out of Fili and Kili again, just because you could.
FILLER. because I love Elrond and I need to set some shit up. -flailing-

... and some fili and kili love. Probably more of them in the next chapter but Idk for sure.

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RandmWriter Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student Writer
Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm SUPER IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES!!! Sherlock Smile 
Iamfrodobaggins Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
Fili and Kili had it coming. You know maybe I'll push them in a lake or something……
TheBeethatHums Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Ohhh.... I like that idea...
FIREELFMAIDEN Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
I just loveLove  Fili and Kili they are both so handsome for Dwarfs. also I would love to hang out with those two in real life. well this was so much fun:happybounce:  to read this chapter too. 
Lebenen Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Damn, I have just one small problem..... I have REALLY short hair, like boyishly short,

meaning I have to mentally change some parts, other than that,

TheBeethatHums Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Student General Artist
SORRY! It was an important plot point...

Thank you so much!
Lebenen Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Dow! I mean READ!! Stupid autocorrect !
Odoms-Spire Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lord Elrond is boss but he's awesome! :)
I hope the reader plans something quite awesome forKili and Fili! ;)
TheBeethatHums Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Hahaha boss is probably the best word to describe him.
Odoms-Spire Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed! :)
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