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You didn’t go back to your room but instead went in search of Blossom, finding him happily munching away in the hay filled stables of Rivendell. He gave a happy nicker when he spied you and then nuzzled at your hair with his lips when you came to him, as if trying to return it to it’s normal state. You chuckled, taking his chin in your hand and running the other down the bridge of his nose, “I know it’s different but Lady Arwen spent a good amount of time on it so let’s do try not to ruin it.”

You moved from him to your pack, which some elf had placed next to the saddle they’d removed from your horse friend, and he stamped his feet giving you an unhappy neigh. You sighed, pulling his brush from its place before returning to him, “You know as well as I do that where I am going you can not follow.”

Bilbo watched you from the doorway, having left the table only minutes after you to see if you were alright, and jumped when Blossom tossed his head at you a few times and let out a high pitched whiny, angry over your words though they were true.

Your fingers were quick to take your horse’s nose and hold it in front of your face, bowing your head to press your forehead to his, “Hush now. None of that. Elrond is a friend, he will take very good care of you.”

The horse stamped again and you got a sorrowful look on your face before you took a deep breath and let your voice fill the air with song,

Be still now, don’t fret
My love, the sun has only just set
The moon awakes with a yawn
And I promise I will not be gone long
Look to the night and it’s sparkling stars
To know that I will never be far

La la la lye dideedie low dideelo la li la low do la low.

Hush now, don’t cry
As sure as the moon hangs in the sky
My heart is with you, my voice in your ear
Let your dreams slowly become clear
My love, I will return when it is light
To sing this tune again in the night

La la la lye dideedie low dideelo la lee la low do la low.

The tune was soft and sweet, soaring to smooth highs before dipping to rich lows. It seemed to be a combination of elven and dwarvish styles and your voice was clear and rang out like a bell of the finest silver. You trailed off as Blossom quieted, giving a soft sigh, and Bilbo let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding, causing you to jump and spin around to look at him.

You went a deep shade of pink, “B-Bilbo? How long have you been there?”

He ruffled the back of his hair, avoiding your gaze as he took in a deep breath and gave you a sheepish smile, “You sing beautifully.”

You smiled softly as your cheeks went from pink to red, “Thank you… Did Gandalf send you to find me?”

He shook his head, “I wanted to be sure you were alright. You left rather abruptly and I thought maybe your shoulder was troubling you.”

You let out a light laugh moving to Blossom’s side to run the brush over his coat, “Lord Elrond is a very skilled healer, it should be fine.”

The horse gave a pleased nicker as he always did and Bilbo grinned, stepping foreword to stroke the his nose as you had, “He seems to like that.”

You peered over at him through your lashes, “He is easy to please.”

Blossom whinnied and pulled from Bilbo’s hands to lip at his hair, making it even more of a mess, and you laughed, patting the horse’s side, “I rather like him as well but I don’t think he appreciates you doing that to his hair.”

Bilbo went pink as Blossom moved to nuzzle his shirt instead and you brought a hand up to stifle a giggle before beginning to stretch to reach further up his side. It was not the best move on your part as you winced, biting your lip to keep from crying out in pain, and Bilbo noticed, quickly coming to your side.

“Let me help,” he offered as he reached to take the brush from you, his hand brushing against yours for longer than was really necessary. You let him take your place next to Blossom, leaning against the stable wall to watch him rub gentle swirls into the happily sighing horse’s side.

“You didn’t have to leave, you know.” He stated all the sudden.

You chewed at the inside of your cheek, “I did.” You could see him thinking and you added, “I probably shouldn’t have come back either. Especially to Rivendell. Thorin’s hatred runs deep and my being here after what happened, looking like this… well it certainly isn’t aiding the situation.”

He stopped what he was doing to look at you, face serious as a small smirk played at his lips, “Thorin be damned. I’m glad you came back.” 

You giggled, “I’m surprised at you Bilbo, it seems adventure suits you far better than the comfort of your Hobbit hole.”

He gave you a shy grin, getting to look at you up close for the first time since Arwen fixed your hair. It was a little shocking to him how just changing your hair and dress could make you look so elven and delicate, he knew that wasn’t the case but still it was striking.

He brought his fingers up and nodded toward your ears, “May I…”

You raised a curious eyebrow at his request but nodded, letting his hand come to your face and his fingers meet your ear, he hadn’t protested when you’d asked to pet his feet so you figured you should oblige.

He was gentle as he ran his fingertips up its length and gently grazed the tip of the point between his thumb and forefinger, causing you to shiver and him to pull his hand away quickly, “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

You shook your head, “Just the opposite. No one has touched my ears so gently since my mother when I was a small child.”

He was still sort of staring at them and softly breathed, “They’re beautiful.”

Your ears and face went red as you gave a short uncomfortable laugh, “I believe you are the first to think so.”

He went red himself, not actually having meant to say that aloud, and cleared his throat as he went back to brushing Blossom.  You leaned back to watch him as a comfortable quiet settled in, when you suddenly had this niggling feeling in the back of your mind and let out a soft sigh, making Bilbo stop what he was doing to look at you again.

You offered him your usual grin and then grabbed his hand to pull him away, taking the brush from his hand and setting it down as you went through the door, “I’m being summoned.”

You didn’t give him time to question as you tugged him down the halls, seeming to know where you were going, before stopping at a large door and swiftly ushering him through it.
Ok guys. I suck at song writing so bare with me for that terrible bit in the middle... More Bilbo interaction next chapter I promise but hey this was progress right?

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MrGamerGirl Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I laughed when I imagined me petting Bilbo's feet. X3
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Bilbo is so sweet! He can touch my ears whenever he wants to!!
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It's so innocent and yet sounds so wrong...
FIREELFMAIDEN Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Bilbo touching my ears how adorable Blush and me touching his feet how cuteBlush . I am liking this FanFic so much right now.La la la la 
TheBeethatHums Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Lol thanks!
PreternaturalPixie Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
I pet Bilbo's feet?!?!? ..............SCORE!
TheBeethatHums Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Hahahaha it's the best.
PreternaturalPixie Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
I couldn't agree more. ... I just hope he washed his feet before they were touched.
The-Dreaming-Poet Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
I can imagine the song sounding sort of like this one Norwegian lullaby I found when roaming youtube for a decent version of Trollmors vaggsång (It's a Swedish lullaby). To bad I can't remember the name of the song...
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