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While John was looking between you and Sherlock, mumbling something about family issues and the world not being able to handle another Holmes, your phone rang out God Save the Queen. You smirked and answered it, “Good Morning Mycroft. I’m afraid you’re getting slow, Sherly is already here.”

You rolled your eyes at his response, “I can handle it My. If the two of you hadn’t decided behind my back that it was unsafe, I would still be living quite happily on Baker St.”

Sherlock could tell you were getting annoyed with your eldest brother as you pursed your lips, “Of course I knew you pompous twat. Just because I’m the youngest does not mean I see any less than you.”

Sherlock and Mycroft scolded you at the same time, “Watch your mouth, young lady.”

You scowled at Sherlock, “Do I need to remind you both that I am an adult? I’ll use whatever language I see fit, thank you very much.”

Mycroft began to say something but you cut him off before hanging up, “Get back to your work Mycroft. I don’t need you babysitting me.”

Sherlock quirked an eyebrow at you and you sighed, “It’s gotten worse since I left.”


“Don’t tell me you don’t feel some animosity towards him Sherlock.”

He gave you a look and you knew that he did before a question left his lips, “If you knew then why did you go?”

You raised an eyebrow as if he should know the answer already, “I went because of you. You both wanted me to stay and to leave at the same time. The conflict and my presence was distracting to you and I couldn’t have that so I left and let Mycroft think he was successful and you that I disowned you. Simple really. I’m surprised you never figured it out.”

John expected full retaliation for your words but to his surprise Sherlock gave a proud smirk, “Impressive Key.”

You shot him a grin back, “I learned from the best. Though I do wish it hadn’t taken three years for you to come looking for me. I’ve missed you terribly.”

Sherlock opened his mouth to respond but a call from the register cut him off, “Boss. A regular.”
A wide grin spread across your face and you slipped away before they could protest, “I’ll be right back.”

You moved to the counter and found a familiar face that you always enjoyed seeing, “Good morning Richard. What can I get you today?”

The dark haired man offered you a grin, “Good morning (F/n). Your choice today.”

You smirked and disappeared for a few minutes coming back with a cup of coffee and three different paper bags with goodies in them. You placed the coffee in his hand and then explained each of the bags, “This one is for now with your coffee, this one for after your lunch when you want something sweet, and this one is to share with your new girlfriend.”

He sipped his coffee before answering, closing his eyes as he let out a content hum, “Perfect as always (F/n), you always know exactly what I’m craving. How did you know about the girlfriend?”

You laughed, “I tell you and it ruins the mystery. Where’s the fun in that?”

He shook his head, “An enigma as always. How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing. It’s on the house.”

He gave you a small grin, “Thank you (F/n)”  

“No problem Richard. Good luck with your date.” you said giving him a little wave as he left.

You were slightly jealous of who ever had caught that man’s fancy as he was even more of an enigma than he claimed you were. You knew his name wasn’t Richard and that he definitely wasn’t what he claimed to be but beyond that you didn’t pry, as much as you wanted to. You knew he knew that you had seen through his ruse and now it was like you were dancing around each other, playing a game of wits with tongue in cheek comments. You loved it.

You took a moment to think as you fixed a few things and set them on a tray to take back to the booth where you knew your brother was impatiently waiting. You set the tray down, dispersing the items- a cup of tea for John along with a simple croissant, black coffee for Sherlock with a couple of jezebel cookies, and a slice of lemon loaf for yourself. You pulled a piece off of it as you slid into the booth, popping it into you mouth after stating, “Alright. Now tell me what case brought you here.”

John eyed his tea a little suspiciously, it was exactly how he liked it even though he’d said nothing, and Sherlock took up a cookie between his thumb and forefinger with a little grin, “Jezebels? Interesting choice.”

You rolled your eyes, “Hardly. They are your favorite and seeing as you haven’t eaten in nearly four days I figured tempting your taste buds was the only way to correct that.”

Raising his eyebrows, he nodded as he tilted his head to one side before taking a bite of the cookie and sliding you the case file. Pulling it the rest of the way to you, you chuckled, “Some things never change.”

You set your lemon loaf down and wiped your hands on your apron before opening the file and spreading it out in front of you. Your eyes scanned each piece of information carefully as you sat back, clasped your hands, and pressed the pads of your thumbs on the underside of your chin with the rest of your knuckles lightly grazing your lips.

“What do you think? Sherlock is focused on-” John started before he felt Sherlock’s hand on his shoulder, “She can’t hear you.”

John looked back at you and sighed before resigning himself to eating his croissant, bloody Holmes’ and their mind palaces.  After a minute you tilted your head and looked up at your brother with furrowed brows, “You’re missing something.”

He rolled his eyes, “Well obviously Key. Are you really that out of prac-”

You were already shaking your head, “No. I mean you are quite literally missing something. The victim has a brother but there’s no interview in here for him, he’s not missing it would be noted, so either there’s a piece missing from this file or Lestrade’s incorrectly ruled him out as suspect.”

Sherlock took the folder from you with a frown, flipping through it to make sure you were right as John cocked his head at you, “How did you know they had a brother?”

You shrugged with a slight smirk as you and your brother rang out in unison, “Some things are meant to be a mystery.”

Sherlock gave a slight smile, “You’ll never change.”

You shook your head and got up, moving to clear a nearby table “Give Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson my best and Anderson my worst.”

Sherlock frowned, “You can do it yourself.”  

You turned and raised an eyebrow at him, “I’m not coming with you Sherlock.”

“Yes you are.”

You began to move away from them, Sherlock getting up to follow you with John in tow, “(F/n).”

“I can’t Sherlock. I have a bakery to run. Besides you’ve got John now, you hardly need my help.”

“That may be true but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. Your employees are perfectly capable of running the bakery in your absence.”

You sighed, stopping to wipe a table down, “My life is different now Sherlock. I can’t just drop everything to please you.”

“Why not?”

Sherlock smirked as you hesitated, “Sherly… I just…”

He gave you a forlorn look that you knew was meant to manipulate you and you scowled, “Oh come on not the face.”

He looked away unhappily, still forlorn, and you sighed, “Fine. Just this case and only this case. Mycroft is going to throw a fit as it is.”
hOLY CRAP guys... I actually wrote more for this. It took forever. I can't promise that I'll update again soon but it's progress at least.

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Oh no. The dreaded Sherlock Holmes face! Waaaah! 
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Thank you! I'm thinking about how to continue it... This is by far the most challenging reader insert I've written. I need to get Moriarty right or it's going to kill me. 
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I'm sure you'll do fine! You're a brilliant writer! Just take your time and think lots of sugar crazed thoughts about blowing things up and manipulating people!!
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